Having completed my graduation in English Literature and being married back in 2010 at just 22, I have been on an amazing journey with many ups and downs. I moved to Hyderabad and then to Mumbai, the city of dreams as they call it. After doing extremely well at my Interior Designing Course I was at a stage where I had to choose between a Creative business and preparing for a safe 9 to 5 government job. I decided to choose my dreams .  I’m totally obsessed with the whole culture of Arts and Creativity. 

My husband and I had to shut two running businesses in a span of two years, struggle with health, and were left with no savings and almost no income for two years but eventually finally got back on our feet.

 Together, we hosted successful events and finally launched our Website Design firm in 2018. We started with almost zero investments but have come a long way since then. It has been a beautiful journey. But I’m not here to just speak about myself and my dreams or tell you how I managed to make ‘x’ amount of money, I’m here to share with you my mistakes and guide you so you can apply the solutions to your life

I believe in having dreams and being optimistic but most importantly I believe in having MY OWN dreams, not my parents, not my friends’ nor my peers’.

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